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Unformatted text preview: STAT MEDICATION Date: ______________ Time: ______________ 1.Consent for surgery per surgeon’s order. 2. Notify anesthesiologist for patients with latex allergy/alert or malignant hyperthermia 3. NPO except sip of water with medications. Notify if NPO status differs from guidelines. 4. Medications: _____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ TAKE scheduled doses of the following AM medications: Digoxin Asthma inhaler/nebulizer Antihypertensive Diuretic Other: _______________________________________________________________________________ ADMINISTER: Famotidine: _____mg PO IVPB Metoclopramide: _____mg PO IV push Bicitra: 30 mL PO 15mL PO May follow with 15mL PO water Midazolam: _____ mg PO Or per GT on call to OR Scopalamine 1.5mg patch Other: _______________________________________________________________________________ HOLD: Anticoagulants Oral hypoglycemics Insulin Other: _______________________________________________________________________________ 5. Pre-Operative Testing Potassium within 24 hours for renal failure patients or those taking digoxin or diuretics Glucose in diabetics or patients symptomatic for hypoglycemia Other: _______________________________________________________________________________ 6. IV: Unless otherwise specified: Start IV with: Lactated Ringers Normal Saline at _______ mL/hr May use: Lidocaine1% Sub Q EMLA Lidocaine 4% cream (Ela-Max) Adults: equal or greater than 18 Ga Macrodrip tubing Extension T-connector Peds: equal or greater than 22 Ga Minidrip tubing Extension T-connector Other: Specifications: Latex allergic/alert patients: Obscure latex ports on IV tubing Renal failure/CHF patients: Saline lock Minidrip tubing TKO (to keep open) Other: _______________________________________________________________________________ 7. Call anesthesiologist with any questions 8. Other orders: _____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________ Anesthesiologist Signature Authorization for therapeutic substitution is given unless checked here Patient Identification Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento A Sutter Health Affiliate Anesthesia Pre-Operative Orders 02457 (4/29/04) YELLOW - CHART WHITE - NURSING/SCAN TO PHARMACY ORDERS ...
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