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heart_meds.doc-picture - HEART FAILURE MEDICATIONS How They...

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Unformatted text preview: HEART FAILURE MEDICATIONS How They Work Class: Bela Bloelrena Common Name: Cannedilnl (Cmeg‘) Mfiwmloltlonmw') mm (Tenormjn') Where it works: Heart How itwnrlls: Helps heaitpnnnpeasier,helps will: angna; prevenlsbnfldnp of Class: Digoxin Connnnon Name: Dignnin [Imxiul' Where it works: Heart . chmmi alstlla’lanehannfinltoflneheafl; HomtworkEHelps hampmm helpsnomnnmlhemmauhynhm; stongen‘khelpatooonlrolheafl mmmnfhgmfaflm rate 3: finytlnm Class: ACE Inhihihxs Common llama: [ismupni] (Zestil‘) Class: nannies _ Caplopn] Cap-natal" Connnnon Name: an'oseminie Where it works' Hem hing“ mm; rush?) Ema]: ’ Bnmelamifle {numex‘} . _ _ me (Zaroxolyflfi How It $.33knd vessels, Where it works: WW [1mm lmildnp urcheinjcans Howitworlns:Helpshdueyaget hmfulnomeheut. ridofexoessflnid;helps rednneesymptomaoflnearl failure. Clan: ARE Common Name: ImartantCuzanI} Where it wants: Same an ACE. HG'W ll works: Same an ACE. Class: Potassium-Spainlg Diuretic Common Name: Spimmlacnone (Mdaclnone') Where it works: Kidneys How it works: Prawns buildup of chemicals hanmful to the heart. Drug Comhirnafion: Lung—acting Nitate Er. Hynilralazine Common Name: Isoaoihide Diamante (1501an 1 Iaoaonhide ammo. {Imam} Where it worlns: Blood vessels How itworlns: Dilahealnlooni vessela;helps heartpnnnpeasier. ...
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