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Unformatted text preview: Instructor Maria Teresa Cândido, Ph .D. Spring 2006 Class Meets: TTh 8:00 - 9 :20 am Pepper Canyon H all room 106 Office: 110A Economics Office Phone # : 534-2518 Office Hours: Tue, Thu 11:15 am-12:45 pm Email: mcandido@ econ.u csd.edu Teaching Assistants Connie Leung Discussion Section: Office Hours: Jonathan Smith Discussion Section: Office Hours: Min Seong Kim Discussion Section: Office Hours: chleung@u csd.edu Wed 1:00-1:50 p m (W arren Lecture Hall 2205) Thu 9:30-11:00am () j27smith@ econ.u csd.edu Wed 2:00-2:50 p m (W arren Lecture Hall 2205) (Sequoyah H all 239) msk003@ucsd.edu Fri 8:00-8:50 am (Warr en Lecture Hall 2205) Mon 2 :00-4:00 pm ( Economics 117) Economics 2 Microeconomics Applications Course Descript ion This course app lies basic economic prin cip les and simple analytical tools to the study of pubic policy issues and current even ts. After reviewing how things work on an idealized, perf ectly comp etitive economy, th e course looks at the effects of firms and people inter acting in imperfect markets. Issu es such as monopoly power, the presence of externalities, public goods, game th eory, and imp erfect information are an aly zed. Simp le economic prin cip les ar e applied to the study of labor mark ets and inco me dispar ity, and we exp lore the economics of health car e and environmental and safety regulation. Course Materia ls Requ ired Textbook: “Pr inciples of Economics” by Rober t H . Frank and Ben S. Bernanke, Second Edition, McGraw-H ill Chap ters to b e Covered : 7 (r eview), 9 , 10, 11 , 12, 13 , 14, and 15. Textbook W ebsite: McGr aw-Hill has set up a w eb pag e for the book at http://www.mhhe.com/economics/frankbern anke2 (optional) Aplia Website : Dur ing this course, to comp lete cer tain assignments, you will be requir ed to access a website ded icated to students and professors of economics. To access th e website, you need to register for an accoun t with Aplia at http://econ.aplia .co m . In the last page of this sy llabus, you will find an instruction sheet as well as a course k ey so that you can register. Please reg ister on the website w ith in 24 hours after th e course k ey is passed ou t. My Expectations 1. 2. 3. Regu lar Class A ttendance – You should co me to every class (lecture and discussion sessions) . If you should miss a class, it is your responsib ility to get notes or an y possible h andout or assign ment. Come to class pr epared – You should r eview your notes from last class and you should read the assign ed sections of th e textbook prior to each class. Do your homework – Homework is assigned to assist you in studying. Even when homework is not to be turned in, you should do any assign ed problems pr ior to each class. Grading 20% Homework Assignmen ts 35% Mid ter m Ex am 45% Final Ex am The assigned homework should help you know whether or not you understand the mater ial. Each assign ment is worth 1 unit (regard less of th e number of points that are possib le for the assignment). The normalized scor e for each assignmen t is th e fraction of cor rect answ ers out of all possible answers. Th e three lowest grad es in the homework assign ments w ill b e dr opped, when computing th e homework grade. The midterm exam is scheduled to Tuesday, May 9th, at lecture time. The f inal ex am w ill tak e place on Wednesday, June 14th from 8:00am to 11:00 am and will be cumulative. The dates for the exams are not negotiable. Th ere ar e no make up exams. If you miss a mid term for a justifiable and verif iab le medical/leg al r eason, your mid ter m grade w ill be your grade on the final. Otherwise you will receive a zero , no except ions!! The questions asked on exams will be based on textbook reading, lectures and assign ed homework problems or practice problem sets. Course Web Page We will use the Ap lia account as our course webpage. It in cludes information relevan t to th e course, such as problem sets, announcemen ts, solu tions to problem sets and ex ams, sy llabus, and more. Please check this page regularly. Add/D rop Po licy To add or drop the course, to ch ange discussion section or f or any question regarding w aitlist procedur es, please go to the Economics Studen t Services in Sequoyah Hall room 245 (8:00 am – 12 pm and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm). The instructor will not sign add cards. Tentat ive Schedule ( exams dates will not change) Date A p r 4 th – A p r 6 th A p r 1 1 th – A p r 1 8 th A p r 2 0 th – A p r 2 7 th May 2nd – May 4th May 9th May 11th – May 16th May 18th – May 23rd May 25th – Jun 1st Jun 6th – Jun 8th Jun 14 8:00 am -11:00 am th Number of L ectu res 2 3 3 2 1 2 2 3 2 - Topic Class Introduction Efficiency and Exch ange Monopoly and Other Form s of Imp erfect Competition Extern alities and P roperty Rights Public Goods and T ax Policy Midterm Thinking Strategically The Economics of Inform ation Labor Mark ets, Poverty and Income Distribution The Environment, H ealth, and Safety Final Exam Textbook (2nd edition) Chapters 7 9 11 15 10 12 13 14 - Student R egistration Inst ruct ions Econ 2, TuTh 8am, Spring 2006 Professor Mar ia Teresa Cand ido Your course key is: GHHB-XLUG-TR5Z Course Fee: $28.00 U SD How to Use Aplia Step 1: R egist er for Your A plia Course First Time Aplia Users: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Connect to http://econ.ap lia.com On the Sign In page, click the Go button nex t to "Test Your System Configuration"; th is takes just a few seconds and provides detailed information on how to up date your system if necessary Head b ack to the Sign In p age and click the " Register H ere" link Fill ou t the form and click Con tinue Enter Your Course K ey (above) Returning A plia Users: 1. 2. Connect to http://econ.ap lia.com and sign in using your usual e-mail and password Enter your course key (above) Problems with r egistration or sign in? You can alw ays e-mail Aplia by clicking on the " Help" link in th e upperright corner of any page or by e- mailing support@ aplia.com. Step 2: Pay for Your A plia Course (You have unt il 04.24.06 to pay)Instructions on the Ap lia w ebsite w alk you through the p aymen t process. • You can p ay online with cr edit, debit, or electronic check. A plia also accep ts money orders mailed to: Aplia, In c., 959 Skyway Road , Su ite 325, San Carlos, CA 94 070. Grace period for payment: You may register and use the w ebsite until 04.24 .06 without p aying the f ee. If you are consid ering dropping th is course during th e drop/add period, do not make a payment until you d ecide to stay in the course. You n eed to p ay th e full amount before th e end of th e grace period to continu e using th e site. Aplia assignments: Most assignmen ts come in pairs of pr actice problem sets and graded problem sets. Pr actice problem sets g ive you immediate f eedback and an explanatio n of the correct answ er. They do not count toward your homework grade. Use th em to check your understandin g of the material. If you feel conf ident about th e material, you can go directly to the grad ed set and r efer to th e practice set only if you w ant some help. The grad ed problem sets hav e a f irm due date. You can chan ge your answ ers as many times as you like before the due date passes. Once the due date passes, Ap lia r ecords your grade and you can no longer change your answers or comp lete th e assignmen t. In other words, Ap lia assignments must be done by the due date. The software does not understand excuses. Do your assign ments early to k eep last minute emerg encies from getting in your way. After the du e date, Ap lia d isplays the correct an swers and exp lanations for graded problems. Student benefits of Aplia: Cramming is an in effective learn ing method. Aplia lets you learn by do ing -- you can apply wh at you hear and see in the classroom and what y ou read in the tex t. Think of th e regu lar assign ments on Ap lia as a w eek ly economics workout. Regu lar work in Aplia will better prep are you for lectures and exams. Refund Policy: You are en titled to a refund if you submit a refund request to Aplia during the or iginal grace period for payment. The gr ace per iod for your course expir es on 04.24.06. No r efunds will be granted after th is date. Requ ests for refunds must be submitted by email or letter and r eceiv ed by Aplia w ith in th e stipu lated time period. Contact support@aplia.co m or wr ite to Ap lia Inc., 95 9 Skyway Road, Suite 325, San Car los, CA 94070 USA, to requ est a refund. Disclaimer: I receive no monetary ben efit from requir ing Ap lia assignmen ts. ...
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