Week%2010 - Week 10: Chapter 17 Key Concepts and Facts:...

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Week 10: Chapter 17 Key Concepts and Facts: Medical and Health Effects: The health risks of radioactive substances were evident after radium caused tongue cancer in women, who painted luminescent radium-zinc sulfide paint on watch dials because of the licking of the brush tips during painting. Marie Curie herself died from leukemia, which is likely a result of chronic radium exposure. The SI unit for radioactivity is the Becquerel, Bq, which is 1 disintegration/sec or the decay of a single nucleus/second. The older, but frequently used, practical unit is the curie, Ci, which is 3.7 x 10 10 disintegrations/sec or the activity of 1 gram of pure radium. The damage caused by radiation is proportional to its cross section for interaction with matter. a radiation is the least penetrating radiation because it interacts with matter strongly and leaves a wake of ionized products and broken bonds in its path. It is relatively harmless outside the body, because paper, clothes, and skin prevent its penetration into the human body; however, if an a radiation emitter is ingested then it is highly damaging to the region of the body where it deposits. Thus, a radiation emitters, such as radium and plutonium, are highly toxic if ingested and present long-term cancer risk. b radiation emitters or positron emitters give off radiation that is 100x more penetrating and require 3mm thick Al foil to stop them. They are only moderately hazardous outside the body and inside the body because their radiation can only penetrate the body appreciably when in close proximity. When internalized,
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Week%2010 - Week 10: Chapter 17 Key Concepts and Facts:...

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