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Linking Paper Prompt

Linking Paper Prompt - within the similarities In order to...

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Linking Paper Prompt What are you linking? You are linking or following a theme or area of Chinese history or culture across this imaginary line separating “traditional” and “modern” China. You’ve started thinking about your paper in terms of a general area – religion, economy, politics, foreign relations, social structure – to write about. Now you will need to move to the more specific, an aspect or part of the theme, in order to come up with a compelling and complex IDEA. The role of kinship in economy, ancestor worship in religion, the role of bureaucrats in politics, women in society are some examples. Some of these aspects may have been radically changed or disappeared in modern China. You need to discuss this and demonstrate how and why this has happened. Think about ways you can “compare and contrast”, but be sure to remember to look for the shades of gray; to highlight the similarities within the differences and the differences
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Unformatted text preview: within the similarities. In order to do this, you need to think rigorously about these issues and read carefully in our texts. There is no need for outside research, but you are free to do so if you wish. What you are examining is how certain themes changed or did not changes as a result of the “impact of the West,” but you will also need to explore what that phrase might mean and how the West and its ideas helped to bring about change and how that change did or did not happen. You will need to provide evidence from the text, usually as a direct quote, to support your claims. Cite carefully and correctly, using the MLA form. As always, avoid long or block quotes in favor of shorter phrases or sentences interspersed with your own words. When quoting, remember to introduce the quote, quote word for word, cite, and comment on the quote....
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