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- 1 - Environmental Studies – T07.5005 – King New York University Liberal Studies Program Fall 2009 Environmental Studies Lab Assignments 1. Field Trip Blogs Overview You will create two topical lab blogs connecting your experiences at several sites throughout NYC with the material we are exploring in class and in your readings. One blog will explore three field trips (Central Park, the Hudson River Estuary, and The Hall of Biodiversity at the American Museum of Natural History) related to ecology, ecosystem health, and biodiversity. The other blog will address food and agriculture drawing from relevant field trips (Union Square Green Market and a retail seafood market), a debate on genetically modified foods, and a documentary on fisheries. After each field trip or lab activity, you will reflect on several critical thinking questions related to the site (in your field trip handouts) and the topics we cover in class and blog about the connections you see. You do not need to write a description of the field trip; instead demonstrate your scientific knowledge and understanding of at least one concept or topic that you learned (or deepened your understanding of) during the field trip. While you are encouraged to freely reflect on the aspects of the field trip that affected you the most, you MUST support your personal reactions and analysis with scientific studies and theoretical frameworks. If you have a digital camera or camera phone, take pictures at the site to include any photos or videos from your experience in the blog. I will meet students at the field trip sites during scheduled lab hours and provide some guidance. Some field trips may require more time for travel; if you have a class immediately before or after the lab class, you may need to go on your own time or with a partner. If you do not come during lab hours, you must post a (very clear) picture of yourself at the field trip site in order to receive credit for the weekly lab blog. Due Dates: Every Monday following a field trip (5 points each) : Approximately 500-word analytical blog (per field trip) in “My Blogs” on You will continue to add on to the same blog after each field trip related to that topic. Monday, October 19 th : A draft of your completed Ecology Blog with all three sections tied together. You will need to add introductory and concluding paragraphs. Friday, October 23 rd : Your comments and suggestions on a classmate’s blog. You will be assigned a blog to edit. Wednesday, October 28 th : Your final Ecology lab blog. See grading rubric below.
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- 2 - Monday, November 16 th : A draft of your completed Food and Agriculture Blog with all three sections tied together. You will need to add introductory and concluding paragraphs. Friday, November 20
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ES%20Lab%20Assignments%20modified%2010_3 - Environmental...

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