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E59 1750: P UBLIC R ELATIONS —T HEORY AND P ROCESS M-F, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 194 Mercer, Room 201 Winter Session 2010 Credits: 4.0 James Devitt Office Hours : By appointment/ 25 W. 4 th , Room 513 (914) 522-3774—cell (212) 998-6808—office (212) 998-5635—department This course considers the role of public relations in persuasion from practitioner, historical, and theoretical standpoints. By the end of the session, students should have a substantive understanding of the public relations field and its role in the terrain on which it functions. Class Structure The course will include lectures, discussions, and guest speakers, with an emphasis on classroom interaction based on the reading material. Requirements Your grade will be based on the following requirements: 1. Analytical paper : One 3-4 page paper requiring an analytical application of concepts discussed in class (due date: January 11 ). 2. Press release: One 2-3 page press release that will include a distribution plan (due date: January 19, noon EST ). 3. “In the News” Minutes : each student will brief the class with separate three-to-five minute summaries of one item in the news, highlighting the PR aspects of a news story from the perspective of the subject of the story. These presentations will be done on January 14 . 4. Final examination : The final examination, which will cover all of the material presented during the two-week period, is scheduled for the final day of class— January 15 . 5. Class participation : The quality of your in-class comments and analyses will determine your class participation grade. These items will be calculated in the following manner to determine your grade:
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syllabus_WT 2010 - E59 1750: PUBLIC RELATIONSTHEORY AND...

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