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CS223 Fall 2009 Homework #2 Due Monday October 5, 2009 by 16:00 in the Computer Eng. Dept. office (put into CS223 box) [Remember to put your name (and your partner's name if you choose to work with a homework partner), along with your student ID #(s) and section number(s), in the upper right hand corner of each page] 1- Using algebraic manipulation prove the following identities (a) ab’+a’b+a’b’=a’+b (b) xyz’+xy’z’+x’yz+x’yz’=xz’+x’y 2- Simplify the following expressions to expressions containing minimum number of literals (a) (a+b+c)’+(ab)’ (b) a’b’c+a’c’+ab’
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Unformatted text preview: 3-Express the expression abc+ac (a)using only OR and complement operations (b) using only AND and complement operations 4-Convert the following expressions into sum of products form with least number of literals (a) (a+b)(bc+a)(c+d) (b) (a+b+cd)(ab+ce+cd) 5-Convert the the expressions in Question 4 into product of sums form with least number of literals 6-Obtain the truth table of the following functions and express each function in sum of minterms and product of maxterms form: (a) F(a,b,c)=ab+abc+ac+ab (b) G(x,y,z)=(x+y)(x+yz)...
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