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homework5 - CS223 FALL 2009 Homework#5 Due Monday by 16:00...

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CS223 - FALL 2009 Homework #5 Due Monday November 16, 2009 by 16:00 in the Computer Eng. Dept. office (put into CS223 box) [Remember to put your name (and your partner’s name if you choose to work with a homework partner), along with your student ID (s) and section number(s), in the upper right hand corner of each page.”Note: if you attend a different lab section from the CS223 section you are registered in, please also write your lab section # on the paper in the top right along with your name.”] 1- Derive the state diagram and characteristic equation of the latch circuit in the Fig P1. 2- Construct the state diagrams and write characteristic equations for the fol- lowing: (a) D flip-flop (b) SR flip flop (c) JK flip flop 3- Derive the state table and state diagram of the sequential circuit in Fig P3. What is the function of the circuit? 4- A sequential circuit has two JK flip flops A and B and one input x and output Z. The circuit is described by the following input equations: JA = x KA = B JB = x KB = A Z = xB (a) Derive the state equations A(t+1),B(t+1) (b) Draw the state diagram of the circuit
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