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CS464 Introduction to Machine Learning Fall 2009 Homework 1 – Concept Learning Due Date: October 14, 2009 Assume that the following training examples are given: Ex Attrb1 Attrb2 Attrb3 Attrb4 Attrb5 TargetAttrb 1 a b b b a yes 2 a b b a a yes 3 b c a a b no 4 c b b b b yes where possible values for attributes area as follows: Possible values for Attrb1: a, b, c Possible values for Attrb2: a, b, c, d Possible values for Attrb3: a, b Possible values for Attrb4: a, b Possible values for Attrb5: a, b, c Possible values for TargetAttrb: yes, no Assume that each hypothesis is described by a conjunction of constraints on the attributes. Q1) Answer the following short question about the hypothesis space. i) How many instances are there in the instance space X? ii) How many semantically distinct hypotheses are there in the hypothesis space H? iii) What is the set of instances that the hypothesis <?,a,a,?,a> represents? iv)
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