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He also talks about how the culprit landowners forced

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Unformatted text preview: landowners forced the society to yield more proletarians (by pushing the minimum wages below required for subsistence, usurpation and enclosure of common lands) which in result could be used to serve their greedy passions. Finally, Karl Marx discusses the last stage of expropriation which was popularly carried out in the name of clearing, in which all the cottage and agricultural workers were forced away from the land (fertile) and were forced to seek subsistence in more sterile lands and were not allowed to emigrate either. He illustrated this by explaining the case of The highland Gaels, which were organized in clans and used to owns some portion of land, but were driven off their own lands (open force) and were forced to make their habitat at the outer sea shores but their greed didnt end there, and they leased the sea shores after smelling good profits. During that period of time, oppression kept on increasing and mounts its toll on the society. Many of the hunted down workers found difficult to substantiate in their new habitat and thus turned into beggars, thieves, vagabonds (under pressure). Ironically during the end of 15th century and 16th century, many cruel and harsh rules were established to fight vagrancy, which only came due to the conditions(pauperism)forced on them ....
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