He also talks about how the usurpation was carried

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Unformatted text preview: pation was carried out on large scale without any legal interference and how, landowners abolished the feudal tenure of land and started imposing heavy taxes upon peasantry and the common people in the name of 'indemnified state' and furthermore, established modern proprietary rights and laws of settlement to consolidate their positions and allow certain differences between nations .According to Karl Marx, the crown states which were obtained by wrongful means were alienated either by selling it for knock -down prices or presenting themselves or to other royal favorites. He also explained why the bourgeois capitalists supported the movement (they wanted the land to become ordinary article of commerce and supply of master less proletarians to be increased), and how Swedish burghers tried to reverse the process (solely, for their own interests).He also talks about the involvement of parliamentary bodies in so called 'robbery' (usurpation) and how they passed an act for enclosure of common lands and thus converting people's land to their private properties. Karl Marx also discussed how the sizes of those great farms grew and was called as capital farms or merchant farms during 18th century and also stated that how the 19th century was more cruel and self-centered towards the society, when the poverty of people was considered as the main base for the national wealth. He also mentioned how the number of farms were melted into few farms (usually big in domain or sizes) and how the society was exploited( expropriated) in order to create large number of proletarians(for whom last resort for survival was to work for landowners, as the prevailing conditions was not enough for survival). He also talks about how the culprit...
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