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Karl marx also stated that during the reign of henry

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Unformatted text preview: ing the reign of Henry vll(later part of 15th century), an act was introduced mainly directing towards the rebuilding of the decayed farms and fixing the proportion between the corn land and pasture land, and the act also renewed during the reign of Henry vlll. According to Marx, this act somewhat clashes with what capitalism required. Capitalism required the means of labor of proletarians be transformed into capital which in turn could be used in the development of the society. This whole situation led to the formation of laws which forbade laborer to have any lodger except him and his family (not even cattle were allowed!) and the building of cottages unless it is supplied by 4 acres of land(domain closer to London). This whole crisis led to some disastrous consequences which are discussed in later part of Karl Marxs study. Karl Marx also discusses the forceful expropriation of the masses of people during the reformation period (the sixteenth century). He also discusses about the suppression of monasteries and the harsh steps taken in order to facilitate the transformation of inmates into the proletariat. The lands once owned by the church were either presented to royal favorites or sold to townsmen in exchange of very hefty prices. He also mentioned how the legally right of the countryfolk towards the share of tithe was tactfully confiscated and with the disappearance of the religious bodies, the traditional system of land ownership became vulnerable and untenable. He also talks about the emergence of the yeomanry in the last decades of the 17th century and their disappearance mainly due to the foul play of the monopolising lords (assigning lease on foul and ridiculous conditions). He also talks about how the usur...
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