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Unformatted text preview: Karl Marx has discussed the whole time phase (primary accumulation) starting from the period when serfdom prevailed in the English society (early 14th century) to the period when the expropriation forced the country folks to part their ways from their own very land. He also shed some lights on the factors (greed of royal lords) which led to expropriation in the English society in the name of capitalism. Firstly he started out by defining the earlier composition of the English society, in which lands were divided into three parts. The biggest chunk of course, belonged to the royal sovereign(landlord) who had the advantage of serfs working for them .They usually had cottages and small part of arable land to support their families apart from the wages earned by working on the estates of landlord. Last part being termed as common lands, on which serfs pastured their cattle and obtained fuel, wood, peat etc. required for their survival. He also stated that serfdom vanished by the end of 14th century and the old feudal nobility was on decline. Passions of feudal lords (greed) to make sovereignty absolute led to the revolution which laid to the foundations of the capitalist way of production by flooding markets with master less proletarians. Karl Marx also discussed the ways these so called proletarians were created, they were mainly the peasants who were forcibly hunted off the land (shared same feudal title in old nobilities) and usurpation of the common land took on massive scale and thus leading to transformation of arable lands into sheep-walks. This whole impetus action led to the decaying of many people (mainly peasants) towns churches and thus, was deprived of basic substantial needs. Karl Marx also stated that dur...
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