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Unformatted text preview: h Dubocovich for failing to honour his contractual obligations. Furthermore, he had given Dubocovich $5,000 in advance, which Dubocovich needed and used to pay the freight costs in bringing the drug to his warehouse. Wei sued Dubocovich for breach of contract. Which of the following is correct with respect to the legal position of the parties? A) This is an example of a frustrated contract and Wei will lose, since the loss will remain where it has fallen. B) Wei will be able to get back his $5,000 minus aportion of any costs Dubocovich incurred in preparing to perform the contract. C) When a contract is frustrated in this way, the frustrating party is responsible for any losses incurred by the other party. D) Wei will be successful in his breach of contract action. E) The contract is illegal and void. TRU Open Learning ADMN 390: Assignment 2 Your Name: 5 of 7 8. Which of the following statements is correct with respect to breach of contract? A) When a contract for the purchase of goods is breached, the warranty...
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