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Unformatted text preview: ce it. TRU Open Learning ADMN 390: Assignment 2 Your Name: 4 of 7 6. The equitable remedy of rectification is granted by the courts in which of the following situations? A) The parties to a contract disagree as to the meaning of a term in their contract. B) Because of a mistake, a written document does not include a corrected term to which the parties had orally agreed. C) A person buys something that he later learns he already owned. D) The seller made a fraudulent misrepresentation that induced the buyer to buy. E) The seller of goods has made an innocent misrepresentation that persuaded the buyer to buy. 7. Dubocovich had contracted to supply a health‐food store with jars of Melatonin, a hormone reported in the media as a miracle potion. After they contracted, but before delivery, the government banned the sale of Melatonin so that it could be properly tested under government auspices. Dubocovich told the owner of the store, Mr. Wei, that he wouldnʹt be delivering the Melatonin because of the government ban. The demand for the Melatonin was high. Mr. Wei was very upset wit...
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