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Unformatted text preview: ending a letter by mail was not a reasonable method of acceptance. E) The acceptance was effective before the offer lapsed, so there was a contract between Jed and the store owner. 3. Joe was in a bar and saw his friend Sam. Sam had a considerable amount to drink. Sam offered to sell Joe his Porsche automobile for only $15,000. Joe made sure to have Sam sign a written agreement to that effect. The next day, Joe went to pick up the car, but Sam didnʹt remember anything about it. Even when Joe showed him the written agreement signed by him, Sam refused to deliver the car. Joe sued. Which of the following correctly states the legal position of the parties? A) As long as Joe can produce the agreement in writing, there is nothing Sam can do to get out of the deal. Once Sam has signed the document, he is responsible for its contents. B) If Joe can show that there was no indication that Sam was drunk, even though Sam was completely incapacitated, he will be required to go through with the deal. C) Being drunk is no...
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