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Unformatted text preview: will require that the goods be repaired by the seller. B) When a condition is breached, the victim can treat the contract as ended. C) When a contract is repudiated before performance is due, the victim must wait until the time of performance before taking any action. D) When a condition is breached, a person can only sue for damages but must perform their part of the contract. E) When a warranty is breached, the victim can treat the contract as ended. SHORT ANSWER In no more than three sentences, write the answers to the following four questions. THREE MARKS EACH (12 marks for section) 1. Distinguish between a bilateral and a unilateral contract. 2. Joe had a classic Buick automobile, and he agreed to trade it to Sam for a specified amount of cocaine. Sam took the car and, three days later, before he could deliver the cocaine to Joe, his cocaine was seized by the police and he was arrested. Joe is now bringing this action claiming that heʹs entitled to the car back. Indicate what argu...
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