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Unformatted text preview: excuse; the contract is binding. D) Sam will not have to go through with the deal because no money has yet changed hands. E) Sam just has to show he was legally intoxicated, and he will not be bound. TRU Open Learning ADMN 390: Assignment 2 Your Name: 3 of 7 4. When John bought a car from his fatherʹs old classmate, Joe, he was only seventeen years old. The price of the car was $5000. He paid $1000 down and was to pay the remaining $4000 over time. With these facts in mind, which of the following statements is true? (Read each statement separately.) A) If John has an accident and refuses to pay the balance, Joe could successfully sue John for breach of contract. B) Even if the car is defective, John could not sue Joe. C) If the car is defective, John could sue Joe for breach even though Joe could not sue him. D) If John has an accident because of his negligent driving and he refuses to pay, Joe could successfully sue him in negligence to get around any difficulty in suing him in contract. E) If Joe didnʹt realize John was only 17 years old, he can enforce the contract against him no matter what h...
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