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Unformatted text preview: ples from your own experience or from the text, discuss the various types of misrepresentation that may induce A to contract with B. Describe the various remedies that may be available to A if he is a victim of misrepresentation. When might one of these remedies be unavailable? (15 marks) CASE STUDIES 1. Cathy owned and operated “Leave it Here” — a successful inner city pawn shop. When she was no longer able to handle the finances herself, she hired Max, a Certified General Accountant, to take care of the books and financial records. She also employed Frank to do shipping and receiving. She made both of them sign confidentiality and non‐competition agreements that stated, among other things, that (a) they would not disclose any information about the business to anyone at any time unless they had Cathy’s permission; and (b) if they left, they would not open or work in another pawn shop within 20 km for five years. Frank had drug addict friends who regularly paid Frank to sell stolen goods through “Leave it Here.“ Although Cathy had her suspicions about the origin of some of the goods that were arriving at her shop, she turned a blind eye as she appreciated the profits they brought in. When Max found out, instead of going to Cathy, he threatened to go to the police unless Frank gave him half of his proceeds. Frank thought he had no choice but to agree. Eventually, Max decided to open his own pawn shop business with the money he had sav...
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