EC 101.01 Principles of Economics

EC 101.01 Principles of Economics - 5. Consumer choice and...

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SYLLABUS EC 101.01 Principles of Economics – Micro - FALL 2009 TTTh 565 NB 119 Prof. Refik Erzan Room: NB 201 EM: Asistant: Pinar Ertor PS: every week one hour (T 17:00 NBZ) Grading: 2 Midterm exams (only the higher of the two) 50 % +Final exam 50 % No make-up exams for midterms. Midterm exams : November (date to be announced two weeks in advance) and last week of December Textbook: Begg, Fischer& Dornbusch: Ed. 8 or 9 (or an earlier edition) Topics (Chapters) 1. Economics and the economy 2. Tools of economic analysis 3. Demand, supply and the market 4. Elasticities of demand and supply
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Consumer choice and demand decisions 6. Introducing supply decisions 7. Costs and Supply 8. Perfect competition and pure monopoly 9. Market structure and imperfect competition 10. The labor market 11. Different types of labor 12. Factor markets and income distribution 13. Risk and information 15. Welfare economics----------------------------------------------------------------------------------16. Government spending and revenue (only selected sections) 17. Industrial policy and competition policy (only selected sections) 18. Natural monopoly: public or private? (only selected sections)...
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