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PMP 10/20Notes Pop vote not related to awarding of presidency Electoral college #s determined by state’s # of Congressmen (senators and representatives) If running as an indpt, did not seek/get the backing of a party In parliament, party LEADERS run for executive office, so parliament has greater influence Less party line voting in US Survival of Congressmen based on different factors based on indiv rather than party o Survives independently of president so more diverse Presidential candidates campaign independently of their parties Utah is the most Republican state in US Swing states: usually mirror national opinion President can distinguish himself from his party in presidential system Mexico: also separate origin for congress and pres Inter-electoral process: no maj prty? Lotsa transacting
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Unformatted text preview: • More veto players in parliament • PM usually doesn’t have veto power o Even if he did vote against his party, that would be bad b/c he’d get voted out by vote of no confidence • Recent Financial Bailout Bill: o Why did the second version pass? What happened to the bill? • There was a new requirement for insured deposits • Added lotsa pork so congressmen wouldn’t have to suffer so close to elections • No provisions(pork) then no votes o Provisions allowed b/c origin of congress’ power is dif from origin of pres’ pwr “I’m a good agent.” • In Parliamentary system: there’s a max # of yrs legislators can stay in pwr, but in btw elections, they can have even more elections (so have dif inter-electoral politics than presidential system) •...
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