10 PMP Notes

10 PMP Notes - PMP 11/5 Notes Indiv politicians have dif...

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PMP 11/5 Notes Indiv politicians have dif interests no matter what they have in common o They don’t always agree on policy outcomes and their differing views will be played out in the bureaucracy o The design of institutions is what counts b/c even thou r delegating indpt ppl, ur establishing bias in the rules of access you establish Midterm exam will be Nov 17 th Review will be a week from today Federalism on Monday the 10 th ; review afterward on 12 th Federalism will be on midterm but it will be more important for the final A tariff is a tax barrier on a particular import (a revenue source from the gov’t) o The gov’t benefits from tariffs as do the domestic producers (b/c their prices are lower than anything else on the market (so they can artificially raise prices) and their goods are more competitive What interests are harmed? People who use the new higher priced good (consumers like us and producers of value-added goods (who consume the good)) Tariffs were primary source of gov’t revenue before income tax was instituted (thru constitutional amendment) Industries/interest groups that think they have been hurt by foreign competition can file a petition for aid and their petition will be processed according to special procedures/technical criteria spelled out in the law o This is not the same as lobbying b/c the burden of proof lies with the industry/ interest group that thinks it has been affected USITC- US int’l trade commission accepts petitions o It’s an indpt (not a subordinate of the president or congress; it’s not an agent
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10 PMP Notes - PMP 11/5 Notes Indiv politicians have dif...

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