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12 PMP Notes - P MP 11/24 Notes Mexico! Key questions: The...

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PMP 11/24 Notes Mexico! Key questions: The Mexican presidency used to be considered very "strong"; in fact, the government was dubbed "the perfect dictatorship." Yet Fox and Calderon, the two most recent presidents, have been noteworthy for their difficulty enacting policy changes. What explains the change, given the absence of major institutional reform? What are the incentives of legislators and their parties to work with, or against, the president? How do you see Mexican federalism to be either demos- constraining or demos-enabling? Think about comparisons to the other federal systems we have discussed (India and the United States). Continuing theme of federalism Mexico as former authoritarian state Mexico as demos-constraining because parties have more power than people What are the policy-making obstacles that the president faces? o i.e. what are veto players and veto gates that president must transact with Which reform did both Fox and Calderón try to enact? o Fiscal “reform” Changing shape/structure of something o Fox wanted to extend the Value Added Tax (VAT) to other things because PEMEX wasn’t raising enough money (35-40%ish of budget from PEMEX) o The budget depends on PEMEX’s revenues, so budget is based on estimates of revenue from this source (if revenues not as high as thought, not enough money for social services) o Debate about budget is mostly debate about what the price of oil
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12 PMP Notes - P MP 11/24 Notes Mexico! Key questions: The...

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