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1 USLAC Notes - • Colombia doorpost btw s.a and central...

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USLAC 10/8 Notes “I’m not sure, but…” notes but no reading look for local polling orgs: uba, uca, reporters, ipsos e-mail, phone, etc. foreign ministry, el clarin , professors, maybe call wensjoe for his contacts 2001 shift in balance of pwr in s amer independence from us Brazil: pragmatism is key; strong ag sector better leverage in trade talks o Republicans seen as better for free trade , at least by biz sector o Biz as pro-US Disaggregate in country: explain by sector (even w/in gov’t and biz groups) Chile: biggest export market is china o Diverse econ portfolio in world o More negative view of chavez than bush o Gap btw rich and poor in chile is big concern Envr, too Tendency to exaggerate us influence Ecuador: correa as anti-us o Perhaps just using for political purposes o base in manta contract not renewed o correa is confusing o has oil* o farc $? look up alba- chavez project balance of payments situation! Where’s their $ coming from? Links btw Venezuela and leftist mvmts in dif countries
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Unformatted text preview: • Colombia: doorpost btw s.a. and central amer o Oil and natural gas are important exports o 57% for FTA! • Venezuela: 1958; pro-democracy actions; 1998: chavez who wants to create Bolivarian comm. (against US) and who wants to keep ‘revolution’ going in the country o Econ connections: US is greatest FDI in country o Public: Chavez viewed favorably but o US banks have their debt o Important for oil refining and we consme their oil o 56% think favorably of US; like US pop culture but not ideas? o Very polarized country; half hates half loves chavez o US is prob for chavez’ authoritarian goals • Search for rationality • Palmer o what is he trying to say? Haiti a success; palmer can’t admit it o why always the us’ fault o poverty: percentage better; does not recognize how is it a function of us policy? o SOA praised then bashed? o Where does the blame go? Washington always at fault? o Where is LA?...
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1 USLAC Notes - • Colombia doorpost btw s.a and central...

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