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6 USLAC Notes - USLAC 11/3 Notes David Mares Brazil has...

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USLAC 11/3 Notes David Mares Brazil has rising issues (Arg, too) w/ usage Paraguay has become big producer of mj We’re focusing on US-mex drug trade relations o It’s an old issue with new threats o The merida initiative is a new response (it’s a 3 yr plan- not likely to meet goal) o Mexico has always been involved in the drug trade But now producing higher quality (hi price) heroine Mexico #1 or 2 in mj production but not in higher potency mj (dif market) #3 producer of heroine in the world (Afghan is #1 w/ 92% of market share!) after Myanmar, it produces less than 2% of world’s share but US gets its heroine from LA, so pay attn to it Tijuana, Juarez, and Culiacan are big in drug trade but now Michoacan, gulf states, DF, etc. Drug-related violence used to be smaller and more concentrated Now methamphetamine production has shifted to Mexico b/c many regs on its production in US Now rising meth consumption, so supply matters Transit Zone due to US operations in Gulf of Mexico (to intercept boats coming out of Colombia into Caribbean) Now it’s very difficult to get thru Caribbean, so Colombians decided to penetrate US market via Central America and Mexico o But they did this via small planes b/c very little contact w/ ppl (except for getting fuel on tiny air strips) o Cen. Amer and mexico weren’t too affected by this o But the US decided to monitor the airspace and closed the airbridge
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6 USLAC Notes - USLAC 11/3 Notes David Mares Brazil has...

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