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9 USLAC Notes - What’ll happen in Caracas if this...

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USLAC 11/12 Notes When writing papers, be explicit about what your benchmarks are o Try to make sure that your benchmarks are realistic given the context o Also think about how hard-hitting int’l actors should be Should they be super involved or just try to encourage certain things? Nicaragua o The opposition refuses to accept the results of the elections o But The elections were only monitored by local observers o Continued violence and some deaths o Complete democratic breakdown not likely but some breakdown likely o Ortega will probably get away with this esp. b/c US is in btw administrations
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Unformatted text preview: What’ll happen in Caracas if this election sets a precedent? • BRING FAIR TRADE BOOKMARKS • TRADE o Mexico Has 12 trade agrmnts in world Very much a free trader with many countries including those outside its region Original member of WTO 9 th largest economy • Article by john Williamson on what LA countries will say at G20 meetings • Many countries are outward looking; not just looking toward the US...
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