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4 IR of Pacific Notes

4 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes Yasukuni Shrine...

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IR of Pacific Notes 1/14/09 Yasukuni Shrine o War criminals commemorated there o Is Shinto shrine Associated with nationalisml Koizumi visited shrine 5 times (once every year) during his Prime Ministership Consequences of visits: Japanese emperor even weighed in on matter Some state visits cut China and Korea Nationalism o Constructed by elites or particular social actors for their own purposes o Communist Party Emphasis now on nationalism rather than communism Gries If nationalism strays too much, communist party could lose control Ming Wan Benefits of using courts o Objective o Get more facts through search for evidence o Victims feel they are being heard o Citizens played large role (esp Japanese lawyers and orgs) o Techniques for dealing with history are important We will have to deal w/ last 8 years’ history o Germany has regional role that allows it to take leadership unlike Japan o
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