5 IR of Pacific Notes

5 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 1/21...

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IR of Pacific Notes 1/21 Interaction btw int’l envr and domestic politics important but often ignored Security as a Portfolio o Dif shares dedicated to dif strategies (i.e. self-help, alliances, multi-lateral strategies etc.) o Japan is doing this, too and includes econ security as a big part Japan’s Foreign Policy during the Cold War o Int’l envr: threatening but stable; threat from Russia Liberalizing world econ (Japan participated a great deal; did not engage in ‘export pessimism’; export oriented industrialization in Jpn fit well in int’l scheme) o Regional envr: Korean War big but no other big regional security shocks o Domestic coalitions: intra-party competition Jpn Socialist Party and Community Party were big (but not anymore) Very hostile to alliance w/ US; want neutral Jpn; more aligned to USSR Never gained power to make changes to policy LDP Mainstream and anti-mainstream: eventually converge; never challenge alliance w/ US, only how Jpn should act w/in it o Yoshida Doctrine After WWII, agreed to avoid spending on and building up security capabilities; also agreed to focus on economic development Asymmetric alliance btw Jpn and US motivates questions/puzzles Why have Japan and US accepted? o
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5 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 1/21...

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