6 IR of Pacific Notes

6 IR of Pacific Notes - I R of Pacific Notes 1/26/09 1st...

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IR of Pacific Notes 1/26/09 1 st Paper topics distributed this Friday Sino-Japanese relations are next big thing Mochizuki vs Samuels o Samuels: Japan has more room to maneuver in IR and this fact will complicate China’s work to interpret their intentions China Pull Japan was a lil slow to invest in China compared to others Re-establish flying geese pull: Japan can b at forefront of technology w/ patents Japan’s extending its defense perimeter: is Taiwan part of its defense perimeter Japanese Coast Guard has become like small navy b/c not as restrained as military Larger threat to Sino-Japanese relations: “security dilemma:” as either Japan or China builds up military, can b perceived as threat and lead to build up o Samuels doesn’t think this dilemma will b at center of future relations o “Goldilocks” keep ties w/ US but not too close o Mochizuki: More optimistic view Sees nationalism as an elite controllable thing 1998: point at which Chinese elites decided to be more conciliatory towards Japan will there b a rivalry btw the two? Mochizuki doesn’t think that competition btw them means rivalry; sees dif btw military
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6 IR of Pacific Notes - I R of Pacific Notes 1/26/09 1st...

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