8 IR of Pacific Notes

8 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 2/2 • Need to...

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Unformatted text preview: IR of Pacific Notes 2/2 • Need to start bringing name card again! • Has growing integration into the world economy substantially altered Chinese foreign policymaking? o Senior Leadership LSG MOFTEC (“liberalizers”) o Senior leadership has charged LSG with coming up with terms for WTO accession that are acceptable to polituburo o Do we see external influence in the process? Pearson talks about how int’l learning affects members at the MOFTEC level so that they are more accepting of int’l market and norms But, what does the senior leadership think of int’l interdependence? “pluralization” in China public opinion taking form industry has big stakes in WTO accession, so it attempts to influence the LSG and the MOFTEC (although it influences this group less) BUT, the elite is the group that makes the ultimate decision • They don’t ask the LSG and MOFTEC for t rue input • However, the elites may compensate losers of its decisions (including industry if it fits in this category) • Unlike other countries like US and Japan, China does not have civil society groups lobbying for or against WTO policy • Pluralization could also mobilize anti-liberalization groups • Perhaps it would have been better if senior leadership had had full control and not influence from LSG and MOFTEC so wouldn’t have to deal with opposition groups • Nationalism deeply embedded in certain groups in China • Security policymaking process will not necessarily be influenced by pluralization • There are some issues that the senior leadership simply doesn’t discuss w/ LSG and MOFTEC How permanent/deep is the shift in China? • More accepting of UN • However, not excited about Article VII • Senior leadership views changing, too? o Mismanaged economic interdependence could lead to regime demise, but how does this affect senior leadership? o Great increase in prosperity for all in China has helped regime o It’s really dependent on int’l economy Want to be less dependent on exports o Senior leadership has realist out look so look at economic measures as an alternat ive tool to more militarist ic...
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8 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 2/2 • Need to...

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