9 IR of Pacific Notes

9 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 2/4 Korea...

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IR of Pacific Notes 2/4 Korea Economic interdependence and military conflict: engagement and alternative policies o The North Korean puzzle o Political black box o Resistance to economic reform o International engagement o Provocative and threatening rhetoric and behavior Influencing North Korea o South Korea: Kim Dae-jung, Roh Moo-hyun, and “sunshine policy”: uses of economic engagement Kim Dae-jung pursued “sunshine policy” “Sunshine”: referring to the value of friendly relations but is an actual strategy not a tit for tat strategy; would continue despite some provocations from dprk included military deterrence, too argued against strict reciprocity; but would not tolerate certain dprk actions basically delinking econ relations from high politics btw N and S Korea sunshine policy still aimed at regime change in dprk Roh Moo-hyun succeeded Dae-jung and continued sunshine policy o The United STAtes: “carrots and sticks” + politics o China and Japan: how much influence? Kang/Cha Reading o Their view of North Korea o Cha : N Korea still driven by ideology but we should engage them b/c we don’t want them to take increasingly desperate actions o DPRK thinks that things will get worse, so it’s trying to adjust a status quo that is worsening for it o The future status quo is worse than the risks N. Korea is willing to take o Cha doesn’t believe it will invade the South, but its provocations could be miscalculated and lead to a bigger conflict than they anticipated o Japan in 1941: oil embargo from US so it entertained the idea of making war
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9 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 2/4 Korea...

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