10 IR of Pacific Notes

10 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 2/9 DPRK makes...

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Unformatted text preview: IR of Pacific Notes 2/9 DPRK makes money from nuclear proliferation; so much more difficult to persuade NKorea to pursue econ policies Dprk will continue to proliferate China is least likely to exercise leverage What strategy should the Obama administration pursue toward dprk o Conditional engagement? o Dprk will exploit differences in six party talk members o Why doesnt China push and take a more conditional like on dprk Regime collapse would be the worst situation for them Succession issues in dprk make this possibility more likely Refugee issues China trying to maintain its non-bully status in the region Clinton will not focus on dprk during her visit to asia Signal that dprk will have to wait? Will dprk do another missile test? Will anyone care/respond? Countries in the region have econ problems and will be focused on those Russia is somewhat removed from the dprk issue o Can deter ballistic missiles Cold War conflicts and divided national the US security guarantee: before and after normalization with the PRC o Taiwan Relations Act (less formal arrangement) a civil war overlaid on divergent histories: redefinition of the conflict o Taiwan separated from China during Sino-Japanese war and only ruled from mainland for 3 years o b/c of this fact, distinctive Taiwanese identity was possible o this ID makes reunification even more difficult hi-speed industrialization and export orientation, on both sides...
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10 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 2/9 DPRK makes...

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