14 IR of Pacific Notes

14 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 2/25/09 Yuen...

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IR of Pacific Notes 2/25/09 Yuen Foong Khong and Helen E.S. Nesadurai, “Hanging Together, Institutional Design, and Cooperation in Southeast Asia: AFTA and the ARF,” in Amitav Acharya and Alastair Iain Johnston, eds., Crafting Cooperation: Regional Institutions in Comparative Perspective , pp. 58-82 Stephan Haggard and Marcus Noland, “A Security and Peace Mechanism for Northeast Asia: The Economic Dimension,” PIIE Policy Brief (PB08-4, April 2008), http://www.petersoninstitute.org/publications/interstitial.cfm?ResearchID=906 Alyson J. K. Bailes, Pál Dunay, Pan Guang & Mikhail Troitskiy, The Shanghai Cooperation Organization , SIPRI, May 2007, pp. 1-29 ( http://books.sipri.org/files/PP/SIPRIPP17.pdf ) Alternative Security Orders The future of Asia-Pacific economic institutions Institutional characteristics: good fit or a legacy outgrown? The United States and “Asia-only” regionalism o Shultz view on Asian institutions : if Asian economies can create common institutions, US should support them (certain kinds) in the interest of peace in Asian region o Kissinger view on Asian institutions : it would be bad for Chinese and Japanese to reach an accord; it’s not in US interest for Asia to become too united or integrated; balance of power approach Current economic crisis and its effects o China’s sovereign wealth fund o Eventually, value of dollar will be affected by huge amount of debt US is taking on right now; China could be adversely affected o Criticisms of the A-P model of institution-building o Low levels of obligation, precision, and delegation o Aversion to legalization Institutions following ASEAN way are loosely organized; secretariat in these orgs has very little power o Too little delegation—few powers of monitoring and enforcement CMI still hasn’t de-linked from IMF despite proposed surveillance mechanism o Open regionalism and membership
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14 IR of Pacific Notes - IR of Pacific Notes 2/25/09 Yuen...

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