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15 IR of Pacific Notes

15 IR of Pacific Notes - • ASEAN Group o What kind of...

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IR of Pacific Notes 3/4/09 Large EEZs claimed by south pacific countries Weak institutional responses: could you elaborate what institutions have responded weakly? Pacific island forum similar to ASEAN Suggests changes but does not enforce Many clan based societies make consensus difficult o Also means many special interests Geographic isolation: probs w/ economies of scale Any steps being taken to help these countries that are vulnerable to sea level rises?
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Unformatted text preview: • ASEAN Group: o What kind of leverage would you recommend be used in relation to Burma? How do you deal w/ underlying poppy problem (grown by clans/sects, not junta gov’t) o Will the junta respond? o Cambodia and Thailand: Cambodia likely to win if Int’l Court of Jurisdiction (ICJ) made a ruling; this would allow Thailand to back down gracefully o...
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