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1 IPS Notes - • IR a product of the Cold War o 60 years...

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IPS Notes 1/6 War specialist Weak and collapsing states: unable to provide public goods; may not have control of territory beyond capital city Non-traditional forms of violence: terrorism o Tends to be used almost exclusively against advanced, industrialized democracies Dealing with environmental problems requires int’l cooperation o Major problem of our lifetime China: realists think that China has so many raw resources that it represents a real threat to the US Mearsheimer was right; the world has become more conflict prone but not btw lg countries o Proliferation did increase
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Unformatted text preview: • IR a product of the Cold War o 60+ years old • Realism has been a huge part of IR training o So many policy-makers think this way (esp hawkish ones) o Rational: states act with a particular goal in mind (goal maximizing actors) o Security: the longevity of a country o Anarchy: absence of a world gov’t This is big dif btw domestic and int’l politics o Multi, bi, or uni-polar world o Multi-polar worlds more conflict prone o Contracts created with hesitancy • Bret Saalwaechter: • TA Section/Office Hours: Fridays 3-4pm, Triangle Room...
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