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IPS Notes 1/22 Actors and strategies Most states in the int’l system are not that powerful; just a few very powerful states Capabilities are just one element of power But! Japan is really powerful w/o being a large landmass or having lotsa natural resources (it doesn’t even have much oil) Being powerful doesn’t necessarily translate into influence US has most tools at its disposal Econ sanctions are not that effective for changing behavior o Can assuage domestic constituencies who may not know this o They are a theatrical display for domestic audience who wants US to do
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Unformatted text preview: something o They also benefit some countries/industries o Can also indicate long time horizon for a particular situation o Persuasion not that effective either • Military force o Carl Von Clausewitz: On War Answers: How do you win a war? o “War is a continuation of politics by other means.” War is all about bargaining most bargaining is implicit and war is the most costly form of bargaining o beliefs about ur opponent matter o lg army and the resolve to use it are effective deterrent o...
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