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10 IPS Notes - IPS Notes 2/12/09 Theorize about all...

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IPS Notes 2/12/09 Theorize about all possible explanations for that phenomenon (15-20 min) Make a list Determine which explanations come from rationalist/bargaining approach Which don’t fall into that category Which explanation does your group find most compelling and why Less testing of theories in IR o However, a great deal of research and data in IR indicates that mature democracies don’t war o -10 (most autocratic) to +10 (most democratic) polity scale enocracies are maturing +6 for mature democs that don’t fight one another Japan, US, Canada, UK Some facts o Democs and autoc behave differently under the sam external circumstances Institutions more likely to help leaders settle #1 Democs tend not to fight wars with other democs o (Or: democs are more likely to settle their disputes with other democs before going to war.) #2 When fighting w/ autocracies, democs tend to start the wars #3 In the wars they do start, democs tend to pay fewer costs and fight shorter wars than non-democs #4 Democs tend to win the wars they fight #5 Anocracies are the most war prone of all types of regimes (have elements of autocratic and democratic regimes) Pushing countries toward democracy pushes them toward a period of time in which they are more bellicose o The process is very unstable; there’s not a linear progression toward
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10 IPS Notes - IPS Notes 2/12/09 Theorize about all...

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