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15 IPS Notes - IPS Notes 3/10/09 The Global Environment...

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IPS Notes 3/10/09 The Global Environment There isn’t too much literature on this topic but the growing importance of climate change will probably yield more literature A prob of obtaining cooperation on the issue (similar to other kinds of analysis) 2 overarching challenges in terms of int’l politics and the environment: o how to distribute increasingly scare resources? There will be increasing competition over water and other natural resources Might be able to resolve with bilateral agreements o How to reduce environmental degradation? Developing countries will likely face more pressure on this issue The most difficult to resolve This problem would require multilateral agreement (harder to resolve) How those negotiations are resolved will depend on: o Prefs of dif players Prefs of constituencies at domestic level o Bargaining pwr of each player US and China had more bargaining leverage in Kyoto Protocol negotiations than others o Their ability to reach an agreement o Their ability to enforce an agreement how to enforce the terms of an agreement The Biggest Problem o A # of dif and important indicators reveal that global warming is occurring Oceans are warming (oceans are good indicators b/c they usually have pretty steady temps) Oceans also affect weather patterns Avg temps are up o Reducing this trend will require limiting emissions from hydrocarbons This will require multilateral cooperation from states, esp the current and
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15 IPS Notes - IPS Notes 3/10/09 The Global Environment...

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