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Doing Biz in LA Notes 4/2/09 Maquiladoras as a construct of the Mexican government Some companies opted to take maquiladora option in part because environmental standards in US were becoming stricter o Some companies abused the fact that Mexico did not enforce its own environmental laws Bring in an article every week so that we can discuss it from a biz perspective Check out US Commerce Dept for country and sector specific information o Also has docs on doing biz in each country o Prof will post list on first class o Good for biz plan o Canada and Japan (jetro) have good biz resources Case for Monday o Ur manager of venture capital co., so do you even consider e-commerce proposals from LA
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Unformatted text preview: If so, what would be criteria for funding those proposals o Article is from 6/02, so stick to what is in the case o E-mail cases by close of biz Monday (4PM) o E-mail prof w/ questions Doing Business in Mexico CCAI measures cultural adaptability Mexico is second least direct country after Japan (!) Smaller personal space Bringing attorney to a meeting is a no-no Relationships and referrals are more crucial than in US Legal system is more complex in LA; works in some places and not in others The Third Sex Women treated respectfully and will get their position recognition However, will be expected to be very very proper...
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