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5 Doing Biz in LA Notes

5 Doing Biz in LA Notes - Doing Biz in LA Notes Who might...

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Doing Biz in LA Notes 4/14/09 Who might turn companies doing corrupt practices o Biz competition o Foreign officials who are trying to clean up gov’t o DOJ can also get company bank records o Also, someone who might not have wanted to pay the bribe in the first place Biz plan write up and presentation is our final Can also invent other partners who have the characteristics that you need on your management team (short bio of key players includes one of yourself and of your partner) Prof will also want to know who did what in the plan Lay out strategy for taking advantage of opportunities for dif items (don’t have to sell one single thing) o Might establish brand and add things to it News Articles (DBiLA Articles Folder) Lithium deposits in Bolivia (possibly biggest in the world) o The indigenous ppl want to keep the supply nationalized for fear of being exploited o Multiple companies from all over the world are interested (many Japanese names)
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