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7 Doing Biz in LA Notes

7 Doing Biz in LA Notes - (car making and other things •...

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Doing Biz in LA Notes 4/21/09 China is willing to take on more risk because it has deeper pockets and the backing of its government o China takes a longer view; it’s willing to wait longer to see returns South Korea has also been investing in LA on a smaller scale than China A businessperson would probably wait to see what actions/changes occurred after the SOA; smiles and handshakes are one things but actual changes take more political capital The Chinese carmaker (Cherry) set up shop in Uruguay to avoid duties in MERCOSUR countries o This could be a good relationship for a tiny country like Uruguay (lotsa money flowing) o This carmaker could eventually come to the United States (with some modifications) o In China, the government has a controlling interest in many industries (esp. cars (75 percent) while others are more privatized Gov’t has majority share in industries that are crucial to national security
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Unformatted text preview: (car making and other things) • Bring back news from Feinberg’s debrief tomorrow • Check out the book that Chavez gave to Obama; gives good insight to attitudes of the region o Great historical account of the exploitation of LA o Written in 1971 o Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent By: Eduardo Galeano • We’re going to talk about due diligence on Thursday • We’re going to talk about whether its best to use arbitrage and the other thing mentioned in the reading vs the alternative o How do you do due diligence in LA where there isn’t as much information about companies • Pan-regional vs local • How do u find investors • Is it always better to be the majority stakeholder? Are there advantages to being a minority stakeholder?...
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