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10 Doing Biz in LA Notes

10 Doing Biz in LA Notes - 5/5 Class Notes Guest Speaker...

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5/5 Class Notes Guest Speaker: Julia Rauner Guerrero Senior International Trade Specialist U.S. Department of Commerce - San Diego Panama gets lots of gov’t revenue from the Panama Canal ($160,000 per boat that passes through) Talking about FTAs: Trade Agreement w/ Panama did not go through last year and it might be important in the future What does the U.S. Commerce Dept. do? Helps US companies find opportunities in dif regions o LA tends to be tertiary in most companies’ expansion plans o Works mostly w/ SMEs o They also work w/ larger companies but usually when they are already overseas o Most US Commerce services are free o Helping companies find biz partners abroad esp when working in countries with lots of bureaucracy o All industrialized countries have an equivalent agency and we can access their websites! Countries that are very dependent on exports will spend more money on their commerce agency As economy slows down, companies try to diversify FTAs See handouts: IP agreements are also important FTAA was first started with President Reagan! And Bush
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