13 Doing Biz in LA Notes

13 Doing Biz in LA Notes - Doing Biz in LA Notes 5/19/09...

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Doing Biz in LA Notes 5/19/09 Energy security: a recurring theme; energy is important for development Energy independence is a misnomer Canada is the U.S.’ most important source of ‘foreign oil’ Trinidad and Tobago is our #1 source of LNG o o So, lots of U.S. energy comes from our hemisphere LA is very diverse in terms of natural resources, gov’t structure, their ability to bring their resources to mkt; dependence on certain countries Above ground issues: the geo politics, policy-making, legal sectors (again, not all countries are the same and sometimes above ground issues matter more than below ground issues) Below ground issues: actual resource potential Bolivia: second largest holder of natural gas in LA (2 nd to Venezuela) o This issue has become a source of volatility o They aren’t sure how to handle its development o How to bring in private investors to develop it? o How to make sure gains from natural resources are spread throughout population o Has potential to be one of most important providers but facing serious problems Also has historical resentments Also has issues with commitments to Brazil and Argentina Brazil: it has become self sufficient in terms of energy production! U.S. imports 70%
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13 Doing Biz in LA Notes - Doing Biz in LA Notes 5/19/09...

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