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Doing about Biz in LA Notes 6/2/09 FS exam corrected for ‘cultural’ correctness in mid to late 1980s Black Swan effect: heretofore unrealized improbable events (i.e. outliers like 9/11, economic shock/recession) PR companies make the practices very broad and hire ppl who can gain access for the company (some of them are lobbyists) o ‘perception management’ o good PR will make lemonade out of lemons w/o lying (though sometimes distort the facts) some companies specialize in due diligence they ask all the ‘improper’ ‘impolite’ questions that you have to ask Tijuana: tend to be frontier mentality; in many instances, are third or fourth children of well-to-do patriarch/matriarchs in D.F. o Tend not to draw attention to themselves b/c of risk of kidnapping o In other large cities, there are similar risks, so how do you handle PR when there is this risk? Have contacts w/ ppl who have sympathy within the community like non-profit orgs, tv personalities/broadcasts,
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Unformatted text preview: Many execs don’t head projects that they would/could Sometimes can buy stories in the media o In many cases, social projects are not continued in second or third generations o How far ahead of the bottom line do you think? Your first responsibility is to share-holder • Even within a company, there will be tension about CSR projects • CSR projects require a more sophisticated level of thinking • Sometimes social activists create a lot of noise (sometimes good) but they often don’t employ logic or calculate the impact of their actions accurately o Sometimes, they do harm or simply make a lot of noise to get more power for their base o Sometimes, communication between more quantitatively-oriented groups (IMF, World Bank) and more emotionally-motivated groups (some activists) • SWOT analysis strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats o A part of analysis/strategy • Sometimes, everyone is right but nobody wins...
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