9 Intl Econ Notes

9 Intl Econ Notes - Intl Econ Notes 5/4/09 Final Exam: June...

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Int’l Econ Notes 5/4/09 Final Exam: June 11 th from 11:30-2:30 o 90 minute exam for final! Yay! Cold calls begin next week w/ Hoshi Will ask review questions about what we covered in previous class o Hoshi will post these review questions so we can prepare o He’ll post the first ones by the end of today o Same office hours for TAs We’ll focus on exchange rate and balance of payments these are main concepts Ch. 12-18 is what we’ll cover We’ll look at how exchange rates are determined How exchange rates affect the real economy (including trade volumes, nat’l output, nat’l wealth) How current acct balances determined and financial acct balances determined What explains the level of a nation’s external wealth, and how does it change over time? What are the econ benefits of finan globalization? What are potential costs? Why do some countries fix the exchange rate and why do some countries let their currencies float? Exchange Rates The exchange rate is a price of a foreign currency o This price is quoted in terms of another currency (dollar in terms of pounds and pounds in terms of dollars) Exchange rates are all relative Cheap currency; lotsa buyers who what to buy low to sell high; but if lotsa buyers, then price goes up again immediately;
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9 Intl Econ Notes - Intl Econ Notes 5/4/09 Final Exam: June...

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