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WCP%204 - remain open for emergency vehicles so only one...

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ATMS 120A/ESES 120A Fall Semester 2009 Name: _____________________________ Weekly Challenge Problem #4: Hurricane Evacuation Due: Tues. Sept. 29, 2009 (Similar to textbook problem 24.2, page 496) You are the director of Emergency Management for the Florida Keys. It is summer 2010 and Hurricane Igor (ee-GOR), a category 5 hurricane, is approaching the island chain from the southwest at 15 miles/hour. The eye of the storm is predicted to sweep along the northern edge of the island chain, striking Key West first and then destroying each island in succession until ending up in Key Largo. There is one two-lane road that connects each of the keys to the mainland. During a hurricane emergency, the southbound lane must
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Unformatted text preview: remain open for emergency vehicles, so only one lane is open for evacuation. In the summer, 100,000 people live along the Keys. Past data taken on the bridge that connects all of the islands to the mainland suggests that cars, during emergencies, typically hold three people, move no faster than 5 miles/hour and maintain a spacing of about one car length. Your goal as director is to order the evacuation early enough so that all of the residents will make it to the mainland by the time the Hurricane strikes Key West. Question: How far (miles) must the hurricane be from Key West when you order the evacuation? (Assume the average car is 15 feet in length.) Show work for partial credit....
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