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ATMS 120A/ESES 120A Fall Semester 2009 Name: _____________________________ Weekly Challenge Problem #7: Tornado winds Due: Tues. Nov 10, 2009 (From textbook problem 19.3, page 387) The center of a large tornado comes down the middle of your street, which is oriented southwest-to-northeast. On your side of the street, some roofs are removed from structures and outdoor storage sheds are flattened, but your brick house has lost no walls and your car is still right-side-up in your driveway. On the opposite side of the street, houses have lost most walls except small interior rooms. (a) Is your house on the northwest or the southeast side of the street? (b) Estimate the wind speeds experienced on each side of the street? (c) What is your best estimate of the tornado’s forward speed as it moved down your street? Explain your answer. (d) What EF-scale rating would you give for this tornado?
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Unformatted text preview: Hints for Challenge Problem #7 Use your knowledge of the direction tornadoes generally travel (e.g., Fig. 19E in text). Use Table 19.3 to determine the tornados winds on each side of the street, based on the damage on each side. Your best estimate of the wind on each side of the street is the Expected Wind Speed in Table 19.3 corresponding to the damage on each side of the street. The winds on the right side of the path are rotational speed plus forward speed. The winds on the left side of the path are rotational speed minus forward speed. Hence the forward speed is half the difference between the wind speeds on the two sides of the path. Your answer for the forward speed should be between 10 mph and 50 mph. (Note: We will check to see that you arrived at your answer legitimately.)...
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