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ATMS 120A/ESES 120A Fall Semester 2009 Name: _____________________________ Weekly Challenge Problem #8: Coriolis Force Due: Tues. Nov 17, 2009 (Textbook problem 7.3, p. 142) Suppose a missile is fired from 45 ° N, aimed at a target due north at 60 ° N. Unfortunately, the launch crew has carelessly entered “zero” in the setting for the Earth’s rotation rate.
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Unformatted text preview: If the missiles speed is 2070 mph, and its accuracy is perfect on a non-rotating Earth, where will it land relative to its target on a rotating Earth? Useful information: 1 latitude = 69 miles. The Earths rotation speed is about 700 mph at 45 N and about 500 mph at 60 N....
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