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ATMS 120A/ESES 120A Fall Semester 2009 Name: _____________________________ Section: ____________________________ Weekly Challenge Problem #3: Hurricane Winds Due: Tuesday Sept. 22, 2009 (Textbook problem 24.1, page 496) Suppose a ship is designed to withstand seas during 120 knot winds. As a weather officer on the ship, you notice that the winds outside are 30 knots. From a satellite image and Global Positioning System data, you pinpoint your position at 60 nautical miles from the center of the hurricane. You note that the eye of the hurricane hasn’t changed position in
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Unformatted text preview: hours, and that the diameter of the eye is 20 nautical miles. The National Hurricane Center has (correctly) forecast that the hurricane will not intensify. Your captain comes in and asks “Can we take ’er through the eye without bustin’ her to pieces?” What is your reply? Explain your reasoning. (Hint: be sure to read the section on “The Source of Strong Rotating Winds” on pgs. 487-488. It also helps to draw a picture! )...
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